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Cory Loudermilk

“Cory’s Corner:

Refinancing can be a very smart financial move.  Lowering your monthly payment, lowering your interest rate, paying off your home sooner or taking out cash at a great interest rate are all reasons to look at your options.  Basically, If you haven’t gotten around to refinancing then NOW is the time to give us a call to discuss a refinance.

When it comes to refinancing, there are two factors at play – Rate and Term.  Interest rates have been at historic lows which has allowed many to reduce their rate, saving thousands in interest over time and lowering their monthly payment, too.  Reducing the term or number of years until the loan would be paid off also has big advantages as the mortgage will be paid off more quickly.  As such, many savvy homeowners are moving to 15, 20 or 25 year terms while also taking advantage of current rates.

A Cash-Out Refinance may also make sense.  Leveraging the equity in one’s home can be a smart move, especially with increasing home values.  Funding home improvement projects or paying down higher-interest debts are some of the great reasons to consider this refinance option.

Are you ready to start saving money?  Are you eager to speed up the time it takes to own your home, free and clear?  Do you dream of home improvement?  If the answer is YES, do yourself a favor and call us today!

-Cory Loudermilk